We have brought together a range of business solutions that are tailored to address some of the fundamental challenges faced by agriculture businesses. 










Business Support

Finding and distributing solutions which can assist businesses to be more efficient and valuable.


We also assist our customers through access to expert advisors to build and diversify their businesses to create a future fit business through:

  • Technology

  • Access to Experts

  • Business Collaboration

  • Strategic Partners


The vision of Agri X is to enable Future Competitiveness of Agri businesses.



Value Added Services

We have already created a bundle of valuable tools and services that can assist a business on this journey, and a discussion will determine which is appropriate in the circumstances of your business. Some of these services are provided by suppliers in our network:

  • Electronic business cards to enhance the marketing application and saving cost on traditional printed cards

  • Integrated IT, data and communication solutions


  • An Online Academy giving access to a series of valuable training and up-skill courses to better equip management and staff

  • Access to the CEO Business Club for CEO’s and aspirational leaders to be exposed to the latest thinking and advice

  • ETI and Tax Solutions to make sure that you get the full benefit of tax rebates


  • Market Research and Business Development



The future of food, farming and enabling value chains will be shaped by mega trends. Thus any business needs to be aware of these factors which will enable them to identify the opportunity and adapt first.

  • Climate Change

    Climate change has a direct effect on food security (read agriculture) and Africa is listed as the most vulnerable continent to climate changes.


    With South Africa the world's 14th largest emitter of greenhouse gases and impact on climate change steps will be taken to curb this with significant impact on the energy and agriculture sector

  • Agri Technology, Future Farming and Smart Solutions

    The advance of agriculture technology, or agtech accelerated innovation and disruption which transform operational processes and expectations of the agriculture industry.


    This is a continuous cycle of progress and any business leader needs to be aware of the latest developments and impact it could have.


    Connecting the enablers of data science will be at the centre of this development process.

The foundation of Agri X is the recognition of the fact that the value lies in networks and platforms with different capabilities and access to resources.


Our focus is to continuously expand this network to address the needs of our clients.

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